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Meet our partners: Apprenticeship Carolina™, Orangeburg-Calhoun Tech, & Trident Tech

We’re proud to partner with Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College and Trident Technical College to build Tri-County Region’s manufacturing talent and workforce. Apprenticeship Carolina is our closest partners in this effort. Both schools can assist you.


A division of the SC Technical College System, Apprenticeship Carolina™ leads South Carolina in registered apprenticeship programs that help businesses and communities thrive economically. Apprenticeship Carolina™ catalyzes the promotion of registered youth, adult, and pre-apprenticeships and is also a resource to help employers create, maintain, and maximize the use of these programs.


In addition to helping to address talent needs, apprenticeship programs make great business sense. Consider these numbers:


  • The net benefit for apprenticeship training has a strong return on investment year to year for each dollar spent .
  • South Carolina firms engaging in registered apprenticeship programs reported that the average tenure among employees who have completed a registered apprenticeship program is approximately 3.6 years longer than those who have not.
  • SC firms use a variety of resources to offset education costs for registered apprenticeship programs including tax credits (34 percent of surveyed firms) and grant funding through Apprenticeship Carolina (25 percent of surveyed firms).

Every $1 spent on apprenticeship training by a SC employer leads to a cumulative benefit of $1.34 for the firm by the fourth year of the apprentice’s employment.

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