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Dominion Energy 2021

As temperatures rise, Dominion Energy is offering customers a few helpful tips on how to lower their energy bill and stay cool this summer.

“We recommend small changes customers can make in and around their homes throughout the year, especially during the summer, to improve their energy efficiency,” said Ginger Greenway, energy conservation program manager for Dominion Energy South Carolina. “We encourage customers to take advantage of Dominion Energy’s residential energy conservation programs like Home Energy Check-up, a program that identifies specific areas of customers’ homes where they can become more energy efficient.”
Follow these five simple energy-saving tips to help manage cooling costs:

  • Set the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher.Save even more by raising the thermostat higher when away from home. A smart thermostat can automatically increase the temperature to maximize savings.
  • Use fans to help cool your home.Using a fan (ceiling fan, box fan, oscillating fan) while increasing the thermostat can lower air conditioning costs up to 14% over the course of the cooling season.
  • Adjust drapes and blinds according to the time of day.Keep out heat from the sun by closing blinds and curtains during the day.
  • Weather-strip doors and caulk around seams, cracks and openings to keep the hot air out. Reduce air leakage by checking for ductwork leaks or tears. Repair fallen or crushed ductwork to seal leaks. Duct wrap can be used to insulate ductwork that passes through spaces that are not air conditioned.
  • Check heating and air conditioning filters regularly. Dirty filters not only increase energy usage, they can also damage an HVAC system.

For more ways to save, including energy conservation programs available to eligible customers, visit

Higher temperatures can lead to increased energy usage and fluctuating bills. Dominion Energy remains committed to finding options that best fit customers’ budget and needs. Customers can conveniently access many assistance options 24/7 through their online account or Dominion Energy’s mobile app. Options include payment plans, budget billing and payment assistance. More information is available at

About Dominion Energy More than 7 million customers in 16 states energize their homes and businesses with electricity or natural gas from Dominion Energy (NYSE: D), headquartered in Richmond, Va. The company is committed to sustainable, reliable, affordable and safe energy and to achieving net zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions from its power generation and gas infrastructure operations by 2050. Please visit to learn more.

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