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Upper Dorchester County Historical Society

The Upper Dorchester County Historical Society concentrates the efforts and energies of its membership on preservation of the most historic buildings in the upper part of the county. Sales of the wonderful "DAVID GAVIN DIARY" (a splendid first-person account of the people, places, and events involved in formation of the county); sales of a charming painting of the historic Koger House (now being restored by the UDCHS); and memorials and individual contributions fund the work of the UDCHS. To buy a "DAVID GAVIN DIARY" (a book so excellent you will not want to put it down) and/or to buy a wonderful Koger House painting, call the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce at 800-788-JOIN or 843-563-9091. To contribute to and/or join the Historical Society, call Phyllis Hughes at 843-563-2298.


  • Street: Post Office Box 15
  • Postcode: 29437
  • City: Dorchester, S.C.


  • Telephone: 843-563-2298 or 843-209-0644
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.